Frequently Asked Questions

Is AEPi all Jewish?

You do not need to be Jewish to be a part of our fraternity. AEPi is a fraternity based off historical Jewish values and traditions. We are considered "The Jewish Fraternity", but we welcome all open-minded men of good character no matter your religion.

How much are dues?

Dues typically vary by semester. This past year, new member dues were $800 for the first semester, and reterning member dues were $650 per semester.

How long is the new member process?

The AEPi new member process takes, on average, six weeks. This depends on the new member class's progress.

Does AEPi haze?

Our chapter upholds the AEPi national and IFC standards of a zero-tolerance hazing policy. Any mistreatment of new members violates the rules and purposes of this fraternity. If at any time a new member feels uncomfortable with an activity, he should first take his concern to the new member educator, then to the other executive officers of the chapter.

Why should I rush AEPi?

When you join AEPi, you are joining a brotherhood for a lifetime. Alpha Epsilon Pi offers a strong social life, coupled with an emphasis on intellectual prowess. Our brotherhood is a phenominal support system of students who share their college experience together. We guide each other academically, attend social events together, and participate in a number of brotherhood activities.