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Each semester, the Psi Deuteron brothers have a bring-a-date formal event at a new location. This event is widely popular among the brothers, as it is one of the larger events where we all get together and have a great time.

Cabin Weekend

One of the most anticipated events of the year is cabin weekend. We rent a cabin in the Smoky Mountains and enjoy a long weekend as brothers. Most of the cabin weekends include a hot tub, hiking, and brotherhood bonding. 

Cabin Weekend 2021 Hike-16.jpg


Tailgates at AEPi are great events thrown every home game. These tailgates get everyone involved, ready for a great day on Rock Top. Brothers, alumni, and people from all across campus come to tailgate at the AEPi house. Whether a football fan or not, our tailgates will get everyone into school spirit. 

Date Party Events

Date Parties at AEPi are one of the most fun things we do. These events have brothers and little sisters come up with a theme to get together with your date and have a lot of fun. New themes are always coming along, and people take it and run with it.

Halloween Date Party 2020-82.jpg


Philanthropy is a very important aspect for all of Greek life at the University of Tennessee. AEPi hosts an annual AETie-Dye event where people from all across campus and the community come to tie-dye shirts and help a good cause. The chapter hosted our last event in the center of campus and had a great turnout raising over $2,200.

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